The Kobo Super Points program is a new way Kobo acknowledges loyal readers for doing what they love most, reading.


THE Challenge


Recently acquired by Japanese electronic commerce company Rakuten, Kobo was challenged to deliver  even better results from their business, with demands to increase sales of eBooks and increase return on the 35 million emails sent out monthly across the world. Whatever the solution, it had to be financially viable and scalable to Rakuten’s broader, existing SuperPoints loyalty program. 

The Solution


Conversion was engaged by Kobo to help design and strategize the best loyalty and retention program. Kobo Super Points was launched in October 2015, allowing customers to automatically receive points when purchase eligible Kobo ebooks. The program is divided into two tiers to appeal to all customers. The first tier, Free Membership, offers readers 100 Super Points for every $10 spent on eBooks and magazines plus occasional “Double-Point” bonus days.

The second tier, known as VIP Membership, is a way for avid readers to earn rewards even faster. With an annual fee of $10, members can earn double the points on every purchase, receive 10% off purchases from a list of over one million titles, and collect one free eBook of their choosing each year. 

For both tiers, members can see how fast points accumulate through the new and intuitive Kobo Super Points dashboard. 

Conversion provided financial modelling, loyalty strategy consulting, program design (including logo, wordmarks, and email communication design). We also continue to design and deploy weekly triggered and planned email campaigns in a variety of languages, sent around the world to over 12 million people.

The Results

Kobo Super Points was launched on time and on budget in October of 2015. In the first two weeks, the annual goal for top-tier members was exceeded.

“While we’re constantly looking for ways to amplify the reading experience, we also remain focused on how we can delight our new and existing customers,” said Michael Tamblyn, President, Rakuten Kobo Inc. “The Kobo Super Points program is our way of acknowledging loyal readers for doing what they love most, and we look forward to thanking our customers by rewarding them with the content they enjoy.